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Hi everyone!!

I'd like to show through this web site the restoration I've been carrying out on my MB-CJ3B Willys Viasa Jeep and also to compile and put together all possible information about this model of Jeep built in Spain by the Viasa firm and from which there's very little confirmed information. 

I would like to give you several very interesting links regarding Jeeps too.  

I hope you enjoy it and it's interesting for you. For any advise you would like to contribute or any mistakes you see, please don't hesitate to send me an email.


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Latest updates.

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20/07/2018. You can see Toni's MB-CJ3B (647) new pictures completely finished

17/07/2018. Kim's MB-CJ3B (202) joins the

16/07/2017. Arturo's MB-CJ3B (343) joins the

23/06/2017. Toni's MB-CJ3B (647) joins the

13/06/2017. The Granada Firefighter Association MB-CJ3B (19) joins the

03/06/2017. Awesome historic photos from the V.I.A.S.A. factory in The History...

19/02/2016. Iván's MB-CJ3B (104) joins the

12/14/2009. The unit 674 joins us.

12/14/2009. Painting the propeller and the oil filter container (on the 5th of October 2009)

11/11/2009. Painting the engine (on the 2nd of August 2009)

11/10/2009. A few more 'family' pictures.

11/03/2009. Painting exhaust pipe and manifolds (on the 14th of June 2009).

11/03/2009. Taking the radiator and alternator apart (on the 30th of May 2009).

11/03/2009. New tech section, where I expect to post detailed technical info.

06/02/2009. Jeff's MB-CJ3B (424) joins our page.

05/24/2009. We're on GoogleSites yet. With some news, and new ideas.

05/07/2009. Sergio's MB-CJ3B (656) joins our page.

04/24/2009. We're moving from GPC to Sites. I hope everything works out well.

04/15/2009. David's MB-CJ3B (331) joins our page.

04/06/2009. Javier's MB-CJ3B (680) joins our page.

03/27/2009. Added map with the location of the MB-CJ3B that I found.

02/23/2009. Guillermo's MB-CJ3B (258)  joins our page.

02/16/2009. Asier's MB-CJ3B (103) joins our page.

02/12/2009. Three more historical pictures in the The History of the MB-CJ3B Willys-Viasa section.

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02/01/2009. Go-live de la web. 

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