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Universal Jeep-Viasa Manual (Spanish).

A Jeep's owner gave this manual to me quite a few years ago. The funny thing about it is that there's no mention to the engine and the model MB-CJ3B. It just talks about the Universal Jeep, so that  probably it was used for another engines and models.

All the  pictures match to my MB-CJ3B Jeep, although the lenght of the Jeep in the manual belongs to a long model, also known as CJ6.


Solex 32PBIC Carburator.

Here you have several links regarding maintenance works on this carburator.

France is the place where there are more things about the Solex 32PBIC. Quite a few French cars had this kind of carburator. One of them was the Jeep Hotckiss M201, the French version of the MB built by Willys Overland France (WOF) which decided to install the Solex instead of the Carter.

This is Chris Jeep's website, where there's a lot of info about the M201 and here some very interesting infomation about the Solex 32PBIC.

You can find here the operation and working of an F 32PBIC. This is slightly different in appearence but it works like the 32PBIC. The information is in Spanish.

And this is a very interesting instruction book, published by Solex in order to assist the mechanics in South Africa. It's useful for several Solex models, the 32 PBIC among them, and it's really interesting.



1/4-Ton 4x4 Truck or MB-GPW.

Since our MB-CJ3B shares several things with the MB-GPW, the manual of these two models is one of the most useful things if we're going to deal with these common parts such as engine, frame, brakes, etc, etc..

The 9-803 is the War Department Technical Manual for the MB-GPW Jeep. I'm shure this manual is available in several websites and forums. I provide below the link to a manual from the site Hyperwar,World War II history.


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