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Here you have some of the most interesting links regarding the Classical Jeep World.

Club Jeep Willys clásico de España

Spanish club for Jeep lovers. Lots of activities, information, help, and other things regarding classical Jeeps. Besides, it's international, since there's an office in Uruguay, thanks to our helpful brothers there and their 'Know how' about Jeeps.

Club Jeep Clásico Forum

Official Club Jeep Willys Clásico de España forum. The one and only forum in Spanish where you can discuss whatever you want about classic Jeeps. Very helpful people in it.

The CJ3B Page

Like its name says this website has become the CJ3B Page. Everything regarding the American Willys CJ3B. Very interesting the specifications and technical tips section and the large amount of pictures.

 The CJ2A Page

CJ2A website. Everything related to this other Willys model. Lots of pictures to enjoy with.

 The History of the Jeep

This is a quick timeline with main milestones in the history of the Jeep. Thanks to James who found the info, when he and his classmates were into building scale models of Jeep, and sent it to me so I could share with everyone else.


Roberto Flores' site. Roberto is one of the best cartoonists/outliners in Spain, and we're lucky since he's specialized in cars and he loves Jeeps so much that he owns a couple of them. You can buy T-shirts and paintings with his exclusive design through his on-line shop. Highly recommended to have a look!

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