The Story of my MB-CJ3B

 The Story of my MB-CJ3B
 My Restoration
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This story started in 1990 when I bougth my MB-CJ3B.
I was going to buy a 413 SJ Suzuki Santana but when we got to the dealer, that car had been sold. The salesman showed us a Jeep they had for sale. I didn't think very much about buying her and right there I decided I was taking her away.
My father lent me the money and I worked all the summer to pay him back.

Her serial number is the 00560, and she was registered for the first time in July of 1966. There's not a register number recorded, so it's quite sure she joined the Spanish army at that time. I imagine she was built at that time or a bit earlier. Her Go-devil engine was built in June of 1963, and there's a plate on it which says it was rebuilt by the 4th echelon of the Bonrepos army base in Valencia in March of 1972, and therefore this proves that she really was in the Spanish army.

Data plates with the Go-devil's building and rebuilding dates

The second register date was in the beginin of 1989, when she was sold through a military auction. There were two owners before me. The first one, the one who bought her in the auction, just owned her a few months, until march of the same year, 1989, date in which she was sold to the second owner. I bought her  a year later from him, in june of 1990.

 My MB-CJ3B and me,  It must be the summer of 1991


She was my everyday car from that date until 1996 when I went away  to study my degree, and after that other matters, came... and finally the Jeep remained stopped until August 2007. One year before that date I decided something had to be done with her and I was about to sell her, but then I thought she didn't deserve it and besides trying a restoration with our son would be a good experience, so I decided she should stay with us.

We had lots of fun during those six years that I enjoyed her. I also broke quite a few things, brakes, water pump, generator, exhausting pipe, etc, etc...we used to take advantage to drive off road as much as we could and that is the way we broke quite a few things.

When I bought my Willys, she had several things modified, although she keept the most important things original, such as the engine, gears, etc..on the contrary, the seats had been replaced by other newer ones. The original Solex 32PBIC carburator had been replaced by a Zenith, and an extra fuel gauge added since the original, built-in inside the speedometer, didn't work. The spare wheel was placed on the middle of the rear door, and roll bars and fasteners around the body for a softop, had aslo been installed.

 The hand throttle had been removed and the choke control and indicator's light swapped positions on the dashboard.

Crossing the Monlleó rive. We broke the water pump that day.

I made several modifications to the Jeep too. I remember I used to strugle with the carburator quite often.

I also used to wander around the scrapyards looking for parts from similar cars. I got the light switch for the steering axle from a Spanish Jeep Furgon, a kind of van for country work built by the Ebro firm. I still have it installed in my MB-CJ3B. I replaced the rear view mirrors, made a bikini soft top, installed extra headlights, etc... fortunately nothing to regret now.

Some pictures with details

One of the previous owners had painted white American style stars on both sides below the doors, which I eneded up covering with white tape, since they didn't have anything to do with.

At the end of February 07, we took her to a cottage that my parents in law have in a town inland in Castellón, betwen the mountains, and there is where I started my restoration. This is the history so far. Now the idea is to give her her original look and keep her in the best condition possible and rolling. I hope you had enjoy it and you feel like having a look at The restoration of my MB-CJ3B.



Picture where the view-side mirrors had been already changed


Here you can see a few more pictures, taken quite a lot years ago.


Keo, our Irish Setter, still nearly a puppy


 Taking the 'wilds' for a walk


 With my cousins Miguel a Rafa in Benicassim Beach.

 Taking the family for a ride


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