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 This is a space reserved to other MB-CJ3Bs and their owners. If you happen to own a MB-CJ3B, I'd be happy to show both pictures and story here, so feel free to send get in contact here.

MB-CJ3B Nº00009 [February 2009]

We start with a real jewel. Manuel sent me this pictures of a friend of his who has the MB-CJ3B with serial number 9. This poor Viasa Jeep had a hard time in the past and now she is in need of some love, even though she still lets us see some of the details that I showed you in the section regarding the history about the Jeep. The picture below shows the data plate with the number 00009 and the model of Jeep. As for the information, this unit should have been built in 1960, however on the right side you can see the year 1963 set on the gear box data plate. This is the year when the gear was built and it may mean that probably the original gear box was replaced by that one, that same year or later.


Serial number on the left, and gear box data plate on the right

On the left side you can see the Go-devil engine with the reinforced head and the Solex PBIC32 carburator, which the Spanish units had installed.

Below on the left, the dashboard with the five holes for the five gauges. The early units had this layout instead of the only one gauge layout. On the right side, the characteristic data plate and the lack of glove compartment. 

I hope we can see her back on the road some day. I want to thank Manuel for sharing this pictures with us.

MB-CJ3B Nº00019 [June 2017]

And here we have another real jewel. The oldest roadworthy MB-CJ3B in my website and probably the oldest of the ones in good condition.

This is unit number 19 and belongs to the museum of the veteran firefighter asociation of Granada. Jose María and Juan Manuel, firefighters of the asociation in charge of the museum got in contact with me looking for some technical documentation, and they sent me these pictures what was very kind of them.


As you can see, eventhough she has some minor modofications needed for the use she was given (actually not many) it looks in an excellent condition.

To be highlited the dashboard and gauges set, almost genuine.

This beautiful Willys Viasa MB-CJ3B can be seen at Christmas, at the three wise men parade in Granada and also at some other local events.

I'd like to thank Jose María and Juan Manuel for getting in contact with me and sharing these pictures with all of us!

MB-CJ3B Nº00103 [February 2009]

 Here you can see Asier's MB-CJ3B in Tineo.  She's the serial number 00103 and she's been a civilian unit since 1963, as her plate proves, Bilbao (where she turned into a civilian Jeep) with five numbers and no letter (Previous plates in Spain used to have four number and a letter, except for the first 100.000 units in each region which had no letters). 

Until Asier bought her, her previous owners had made several modifications. 

Her Go-devil was replaced by a Perkins 4-108, and the gear-box and transfer-case were also replaced by one of a Jeep Comando instead. Also a winch was installed on the front of the Jeep.

She was in quite bad condition when Asier bought her, as you can see in the pictures below, but Asier himself made a good work restoring the body, replacing and removing  the parts he considered didn't match with his Willys-Viasa and adding new ones.

Several shots before and after Asier's restoration

Front view with the bumper modified in order to make room for the Winch

In this picture you can see the modifications that were made to Asier's Willys. The steering wheel, gears lever and transfer lever, throttle pedal, gauges and windshield, with the wipe's engines under the glass. In anycase always is a pleasure to see a Willys in such a good condition.

I want to thank Asier for sharing this pictures.

MB-CJ3B Nº00104 [February 2016]

This is another interesting unit since it hasn't been modified vey much. Iván, the current owner, tells us that this Jeep belonged to the Abejar fire station in Soria. In 1987 it was replaced by a more modern Nissan Patrol, and it was sold to a local person in the town who sold it to a nephew of his in 2008. This guy, Ivan's friend, sold it to Iván in the summer of 2015.

Frontal 00104

00104 Number Plate

The unit number si 00104, so it belonged to the first series, and everuthing makes sense here, gauges layout, no gloves box...

Very interesting the genuine reflectors in the fron side, between headlights and indicator lights, as they are shown in the brochures back then.

00104 Dashboard

Above a picture of the 5 gauges with the big speedometer in the centre.

At the back side, a spare wheel holder with hinges, Bravo Jeep like, was installed.

And something I had not seen before is the rear lights and this brings more possibilities.

The seats in mind condition might have been refurbished over al these years, but they seems to keep the genuine frame.

00104 Front and rear seats

A couple of picturesof the Go Devil engine with an unknown carburetor (At least for me) in the Jeep family. It's been imosiible for me to find out what make and model it is.

On the left side, right opposite the driver seat, the genuine reservoir for the brakes fluid is shown. The petrol pump seems to have been replaced by an electric model.

   And on the left a picture of the air filter painted in a bebautiful blue color.

  Thanks Iván for sharing these great pitures and the story of this 00104 unit.

  We hope to have more pictures once she's back on the road again.

MB-CJ3B Nº00202 [July 2018]

A few days ago, Kim from Sabadell sent me and email to show me his project, which is almost finished.

He found this MB-CJ3B unit in a junkyard, while he and a friend of his, were looking for rims for his friend's seat 600. Acording to his own words, "I saw among a bunch of wrecked cars and debris, my dream car, it was so sad to see it in such condition that I said to myself, I had to take this Willys home no matter what." and after dealing with the junkyard owner, he got her with great excitement. And that's how this unit number 00202 got a new life.

He took her to his parent's garage and the adventure started right there! With his dad Federic  and his partner María Jose's help, they started to take apart and clean every piece. From the very begining, Kim knew, he wanted to give this MB-CJ3B, a look different, choosing a US Navy look, and going from an olive drab to a grey.

He started to look for information and parts, and after almost three years and with his dad Federic and Maria Jose's help, you all can see his Jeep finished.

According to the picture of the original dashboard, it seems the unit only had a single gauge (although it seems two small gauges were added) and it doesn't have a glove compartiment. Kim has chosen a 5 gauges layout and made a glove compartment, MB style.

The unit kept the original seats, which frame has been totally reused. It's a coincidence that this unit had a split windshield like in the unit 00674

I'd like to thank Kim for sharing these photos and story with www.mb-cj3B.com

MB-CJ3B Nº00258 [February 2009]

Here you have Guillermo's MB-CJ3B. She's the number 258, and belongs to the early model of MB-CJ3B, as you can see. Guillermo doesn't know when she was built exactly, though he thinks it should be in the 60 or 61.

He has owned her since 1983, and although she has been stopped for the last ten years, Guillermo himself is working to put her back on the road again. Eventhough she has several modifications, she keeps the main characteristics in a very good condition. I would emphasize the fact that she keeps the original seats and Go-devil.

Pictures of the dashboard and the operation dataplate

In the photos above you can see the five gauges on a metal sheet which was installed to cover the high number of holes on the dashboard. Guillermo tells me that the windshield is the original one, but it had to be modified since it was impossible to restore the original folding glass. A small homemade glove compartment was made to the right of the instruction plate.

In the photos below you can see the Solex 32PBIC  and the Go-devil, though according to what Guillermo tells me, when he bought the Jeep, the carburetor installed was a Carter instead, which he replaced later.

I want to thank Guillermo for sharing this information and photos.

MB-CJ3B Nº00331 [April 2009]

This is David's MB-CJ3B. She's the number 331 of the serial and located in Gerona.

There's no information about the manufacturing date (she was registered for the first time in 1986, so she probably comes from the Spanish army as David himself told me) though the Engine's dataplate says it was built in the 60. David first owned her in the 99, and after a restoration, he sold her two years later. After regreting the loss, he decided to go and find her again, so that's what he did last year. She needs now some minor attention, but nothing important as you can see  in the pictures. She keeps the main elements such as the Go-devil engine, genuine seats, windshield, lack of roll bars...David intends to paint her again before summer and he's going to send me more photos of the first restoration, and, I hope,  photos of this one too.

According to the 5 gauges, she belongs to the early MB-CJ3B model. It's odd that the speedometer is in miles per hour instead of km per hour. Probably it was replaced afterwards, or it simply was assembled at the factory in Zaragoza, who knows?
On the other hand we can also see that this unit does have a golve box, when she shouldn't have it (according to the little information found), since this early model didn't have a glove box. David told me that it already was in the Jeep when he bought her, so again we have here what could be a modification made in the army, or may be not.

Go-devil  and set of five gauges.  The amperimeter and temperature gauges' positions are swaped.

I hope I can show you more photos soon. I want to thank David for sharing all this information and photos.

MB-CJ3B Nº00343 [July 2017]

I'd like to show you the unit 343 which belongs to Arturo in Zaragoza.

Arturo got in contact with me in the early 2009. He had one of several MB-CJ3B his dad had bought at an army auction in 1985 and which were sold with the time except this unit.

The car was not in a good condition as you can se in the photos, but Aruro was decided to restore it to a condition as original as when it was built in the 60's in the factory in Zaragoza.

We talked severak times during that year, exchanging information and status of our projects, but the we lost contact, just exchaning some mails from time to time. I don't know why I didn't publish here any of the photos he sent me.

At the beginning of last year, 2016, we got in contact again in one of my attempts to re-start my project again, and Arturo sent me some pictures of his work on the car.

Just a few weeks ago he sent these photos of his project finished just lacking the paperwork fr the license plate.

Arturo did an exceptional job and he says, and so think I, his is probably the most genuine unit on the road.
Close attention to the rear lights. Arturo looked for something similar to the ones the car had when they bought it as he is convinced they are the genuine lights, and he might be right.

Once again I want to thank Arturo for sharing all these pictures and story.

MB-CJ3B Nº00424 [June 2009]

This is Jeff's MB-CJ3B.

She's de number 424 and is being restored near Caceres by a friend of his, though she'll go to Belfor, France, (where Jeff lives) as soon as she's ready.

The photos you can see here are from when he bought her. The funny thing is that this unit probably belonged to a famous Spanish bullfighter who used her to go from place to place on his 'finca' in Extremadura, where he had his cattle.

Jeff is a car lover, and he owns and awesome collection, with several Jeeps. Here you can see some information about his American CJ3B with a British V8 engine, and some other of his Jeeps.

As you can see his MB-CJ3B is quite complete, with several odd things. Like the unit 331, (David's), this has 5 gauges sharing the layout with the early MB-CJ3B model, however, she also has a glove compartment, like the late model. Therefore, it's possible that there were a few units which were built and launched with this variation.

In the picture of the back, you can see the square lights, typical in most of the MB-CJ3B restored (like mine too). The spare tyre is located in the center of the back door.

Back door with the spare tyre located in the centre, and the Id plate with the serial number

Some details such as the red Go-devil, and the five gauges, most of them rplaced by newer ones

Other thing that cought my atention is the green paint which appears under the paint on the surface. It's exactly the same as the paint on my MB-CJ3B, and I haven't been able to find out why it's there. You can see what I mean in the photos below. The one credited belongs to my Jeep.

Windshield and green paint under the olive drab color. The photo on the right belongs to my Jeep

I hope I can show you more photos as soon as the restoration is completed. I want to thank Jeff for contacting me, and sharing his photos and information.

MB-CJ3B Nº00560 [February 2009]

This is my own MB-CJ3B. I invite you to know more about her story under this link.

MB-CJ3B Nº00647 [June 2017]

This is Toni's unit. It's number 00647 and located in Corbera de Llobregat.

Toni bought her by the end of 2016 and he's making her look the way she deserves. She hd no rear bumpers, but Toni took care of that along with a jerricane holder. Also he put a new front bumper, replaced the rear brake cilinders, fixed some bit of rust on the floor, and painted the tub.

Toni says there's still some work left to do to leave it in the condition he would like, but we are sure he'll be driving his MB-CJ3B Jeep anytime soon.

Regarding the vehicle, you can see she is a late unit, with only one big gauge and globes compartment. There's only one wiper with the motor on the top, just like mine, but his has the windscreen divided.

And in February 2018, he sent me this pictures of his MB-CJ3B completely finished. You cab observe the good job he carried out, leaving his Jeep in mint condition, just as she had left the Factory in Zaragoza, back then in the 60's.

I'd like to thank Toni for sharing all this information.

MB-CJ3B Nº00656 [May 2009]

Sergio has owned the unit number 656 since  the begining of 2009. She's in Zamora and belonged to the Spanish army as many other MB-CJ3Bs. As you can see by the photos, Sergio is restoring her.

There're several interesting things, such as the genuine whiper. On the other hand the rear part has the rear lights completely changed and with two big holes to house the new lights. Sergio said that the carburator is a Znith instead of the French Solex.

Rear part with the lights completely modified, and the Go-devil engine

The Go-devil, like most coming from the army, was rebuilt, in this case in the Valladolid base. Although she doesn't have a steering wheel now, a more modern steering wheel had been adapted.


     I want to thank Sergio for sharing all these photos and information





MB-CJ3B Nº00674 [December 2009]    ¡¡FOR SALE!!

This is the unit number 674. She's located in Barcelona and for sale, so if you're interested, yo can contact her owner through this mail jmartinduch@gmail.com.

674's  front and dashboard

As you can tell by the pictures, this is one of the units more complete, with most of the parts still genuine, such as the wiper, seats, double lights on the front and dashboard. The spare tyre is located on the right side, like in the american model. There's a picture in a comercial leaflet of the MB-cj6 with the tyre in the same position, so it's possible that some units had the spare tyre in that place. The rear side shows the square-shape tail lights, in this case located a little bit higher than in other units. 
Go-devil, spare tyre on the right side, and rear part, with square-shape tail lights. 
I woukd like to thank her actual owner for letting me publish these pictures.

MB-CJ3B Nº00680 [April 2009]

This is the MB-CJ3B which Javier has bought recently, in March 2009.


She's the number 680 and we don't know when she was built, but according to my data she must have been built before 1962, however the date on the data plate on her Go-devil says the engine was built in July 1960. Again we see here the big difference between the dates of the Jeeps and some of their mechanical parts, such as engine, gearbox, etc..  Javier's Jeep keeps most of the genuine elements with a few modifications, such as the carburetor, which was replaced by a Carter instead of the Solex, or the air filter, seats, and a couple of extra gauges on the dashboard.

Go-devil's data plate where you can see the year of construction and the Go-devil.

This is an older picture from her previous owner, where you can see the single genuine gauge and the rear headlights.

Javier has just started the restoration, and I'll publish new photos as soon as he goes on.

I want to thank Javier for sharing this photos and information.

Mapped MB-CJ3b

Here there's a map with the location of several MB-CJ3b.