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Taking the radiator apart

This is quite a simple thing. First thing you have to do is to drain the radiator. If you don't know how to do it have a look at this link.
Loosen the four clasps (1) which tighten the pipes betwen radiator and engine.


Once they are loose, take both pipes out of the intakes in the engine (2). If they are stuck, just insert a screwdriver between the pipe and the intake to separate them.

There are two nuts at the lower part of the radiator (3) which keep the radiator on the frame. You'll need a 16mm wrench.

Once the radiator is loose, you just need a bit of brains over brown. The propeller and the front bar of the frame don't let the radiator out easily, so you have to lift it (4) while you pull the lower part forward (5). Be careful not to damage the radiator with the propeller. If you don't succed at first have a rest and go for a second try.

If it's going to be kept for a long time, it should be refilled to prevent oxidation.