The Story of my MB-CJ3B
 My Restoration
 The History of the Willys-Viasa MB-CJ3B
 Other MB-CJ3Bs

There're a lot of people I would like to thank for their help and support on both, my restoration and this site.

To all the people in the Club Jeep Clásico de España (Spanish Classic Jeep club) and their forum, because thanks to them my Willys will soon roll again.

My good friend Jean-Paul who translated some of the Solex 32 PBIC documentation from French to Spanish.

I want to thank Derek Redmond for creating his terrific site, The CJ3B Page, and for allowing me to publish some info from it in my page.

Miguel Pascual Laborda, who provided some important details about the beginins of V.I.A.S.A. operations and interesting historical pictures shown in  The History of the MB-CJ3B Willys-Viasa.

I would like to thank all the MB-CJ3B's owners who sent  information and pictures of their Jeeps and allowed me to use it here.

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